Mary Jean

Our new batch of soap just arrived for a fresh (and clean) start in 2015!

MaryJean delivered the soap and brought her pal, Tootie for a visit.

We feature craft soap by MaryJean Anderson's Soap Opera in every room!
***Thank you so much for your hard work MaryJean!***

Golden & Silver Falls

Add to your Oregon coast adventure - visit our nearby waterfalls!

Make sure to put our local waterfalls on your adventure itinerary - Just minutes up the Coos River Hwy, right outside of North Bend - Coos Bay.

A guest at our inn named Koa sent these pics from her trek to Golden and Silver Falls State Park. Check them out!
***Thank you so much for sending these to us, Koa!***

Beach Cruisers

The sun peeked out today after weeks of gray and rain. This break in the weather reminds us to bring out the bikes that we loan to guests at the inn!  Perfect for cruising over to nearby bookstores, pubs, and boutiques along North Bend's highway 101

Khym Christensen Artwork

It's well known to our guests that we feature locally made, artisan chocolates, handmade soaps, and micro roasted coffee and as we add to our artful collection of flair, here at the inn we are super stoked to announce... Drum roll please ...we now feature original art by Oregon's own Khym Christensen!

Her creative medium, this time?  She has chosen to display moving splendor onto miniature gourds! - FOR ONLY $6.00!!! - These Khym Christensens will be in our Itty Bitty Inn front lobby for a limited time.

Whale Tail

It’s that time of the year once again - and we are not just talking about Christmas!

We are talking about Winter 2014 Whale Watch Week!  During the week of December 27-31, hundreds of knowledgeable and helpful  Whale Watching Spoken Here® volunteers will be stationed all over the Oregon Coast to help visitors spot migrating gray whales as they make their way south. If you would also like to experience the thrill of seeing a whale, there is no better time to visit, as an estimated 18,000 gray whales will make their annual journey to the Baja lagoons of Mexico.


Planning on visiting North Bend - Coos Bay anytime soon? ***Or how about needing to bring a sweet side to the Thanksgiving table?*** Stopping by Hannah Marie's Bakery is a MUST, right on Hwy 101 next to the Coos Head Co-op! - their pumpkin bread muffins and their freshly baked loaves of cinnamon raisin bread taste great warm and up your heart on rainy days like today.