Behold - It's a summertime MIRACLE here in Coos Bay, Oregon!

Just south of the North Bend's McCullough Bridge at the Itty Bitty Inn, while snaking on guacamole and chips last night, I pulled this out of the bag and yes, it must be a sign!

A light shone down upon our building, here at 1504 Sherman Avenue.

Okay, it was just the moon.

...the Atari gods have smiled upon us and wish us ALL to PLAY NICELY TOGETHER with mirthful cheer!

We are permitting public  viewing of this miracle artifact and we ask only peaceful crowds gather in our parking lot, please.



Thank you SO MUCH, Dearest Joe and Sheryl!!!

After weeks out of town, I'm back and I cant wait to open my I begin to sift through boxes and letters and then - whoa what's this???

It's a care package from my friends Joe and Sheryl!
WHAAAT??? Itty Bitty Inn COOKIES!!!

I LOVE cookies, especially sugar cookies and I love Joe and Sheryl too!

Thank you soooooo much my dear friends!

Who knows - If you are in North Bend, Oregon, near Southwestern Oregon Community College and the North Bend Public Library, you might catch me snacking on these little pieces of heaven. And I happily share, btw.  :)

Oh and I found this Yelp review too that they posted with pics of their artful, magical, delicious COOKIES!!! >>> Review on Yelp


We lost a kayak in choppy seas a few weeks ago, and after several searches along the North Spit across the McCullough Bridge in North Bend, Oregon - success was finally had - We found the kayak across the northern bend of Coos Bay!

With the help of a U.S. Coast Guard aircrewman, we were able to pin-point the latitude/longitude coordinates, and SCORE!!!

It was found on a rainy, overcast (big surprise, right?) day on a marshy flat full of bay water...and the back up paddle was still inside the kayak!

After dragging it about 400 yards and then carrying it through the woods, it was loaded into the Itty Bitty Inn truck and taken home to be with her sister kayak.

What a day!





Farewell dear guests, Neil and Julie from Glasgow, Scotland!

While staying with us last night, our new friends discovered the township just across the McCullough Bridge just north of the Itty Bitty Inn called ... Glasgow!  Neil was stoked.

I told them both about the Glasgow Market, which is one of the few businesses across the bay. He was so hoping that they sold some hats or t-shirts at the market in Glasgow (Oregon) to bring back to their home in Scotland.

At the very least he and Julie said they'd be posing for pics of our Glasgow, for sure!


And in case you didnt notice - I wore my Scotty uniform top this morning to commemorate our heartfelt and happy goodbyes. 

Safe travels my friends!  



One of my favorite sandwich and cookie shoppes in all the world, where everything is baked in-house using wholesome, old fashioned, Oregon crafting. The name of this heavenly haven? City Subs, located on 4th Street in Coos Bay, just 3 miles south of the Itty Bitty Inn!

Warm sunshine is served even on rainy days here in Coos Bay / North Bend - at City Subs!

What a happy scene. The ladies working behind the counter are always so smiley and high spirited as they share banter with each other and customers while filling out menu orders.

Every time I have been here, the customers are greeted with chipper service and deliciousness! 



Hello and please HELP if you can, dear friends!

A gnarly capsize saw one of our yellow 10' kayaks lost in the choppy waters of Coos Bay, this week.

After a long swim to shore, we watched the kayak get pulled quickly by a draw tide. It was out of sight within minutes in the direction of the Horsfall Beach road entrance.

The USCG station in North Bend, Oregon called me to let me know they spotted my kayak aground near the BLM boat launch on the North Spit, across from North Bend. I went out on early morning jaunts and searched the shoreline and flats and could not find it.

The kayak lost looks just like the one in the picture.

If you happen to find it please let us know - reward offered!

Thank you!