Thank you again, TripAdvisor for awarding your Certificate of Excellence.

Luke, Leia, and Han are also stoked.

Btw, did you know that Harrison Ford visited the Liberty Pub in 2013?  It's true!

It was a rainy night in April when he and another customer had a beer at our local neighborhood public house. At the dog leg of the big wooden bar is a small brass plaque that reads "Han Solo sat here" ...and it has the date and all that.  Okay so it's a big fun deal for us! 

The Itty Bitty Inn is located a half-mile from the Liberty Pub, in North Bend, Oregon. 



Thank you, Katelyn and the Restore Oregon team for all the wonderful work you do preserving Oregon's mid-century modern architecture and living spaces!

Katelyn's visits to Coos Bay spotlights our local fare of mid-century history and preservation! 

Be sure to visit for MCM related news, workshops, and celebration events!


Visitors to Coos County are often surprised to learn that besides being home to blackberries and salmonberries and thimbleberries and huckleberries and blueberries...we are ALSO cranberry country, which is why we feature a locally crafted cranberry cider!

We also have a decadent Northwest amber ale, brewed by Seven Devils Brewing located 3 miles south of us, in Coos Bay, Oregon. 

Both of these draft taps are available to guests at the inn as we encourage pairing a pint (or two) with some vintage Atari Space Invaders or Donkey Kong! 

Most visitors to the Oregon coast see SO MANY hiking and biking trails that weave between the forests and shorelines.

A new mountain bike trail that has many routes built into it with several experience levels in its design is called Whiskey Run!

Itty Bitty Inn, located in North Bend, Oregon is 21 miles north of Whiskey Run Bike Trail!

Check out this sweet video HERE about the new mountain bike trail.

Travel Oregon did a great job putting this video together and we hope that mountain bike enthusiasts come to visit the Oregon coast and experience the genius trail architecture at Whiskey Run.

Of all the hotels in the country, Yelp ranks Itty Bitty Inn #1 in the United States in the budget category - what an AWESOME honor!!!

Yelp just published their national Top 100 Hotels list as summer travelers begin to make plans, already.

We were blown away when we recieved a message from our dear friends from the Mill Casino and Hotel here in North Bend, Oregon who told us about the list.

They let us know some terrific news - we made the list in Yelp's Top 100 Hotels

After receiving a congratulatory phone call from the stylish and fabled, Mill Casino & Hotel (located just 1 mile south of us), we almost thought it was a prank call...then when the news sank in all of us started doing cartwheels and hugging and crying happy tears!

My Dad would be like, whatchu crying for???

And then my Mom would be like, you let him! - He's sensitive! 

And then my chickens would peck at the sliding door because they hear voices and they want bread.



What a sunny day for a bike ride along Highway 101 in North Bend, Oregon!

You can see the mural at the Itty Bitty Inn, which is about one mile north of The Mill Casino and Hotel, in North Bend - Coos Bay.

After biking to Ciccarelli's Restaurant for tea, and then visiting Recycle Video Games I chatted with Annie, the owner of RVG, who reminded me that Itty Bitty Inn never shared the Star Trek Landing Party mural online.

So here you go dear sci-fi fans - It figures that the nerdy video game guru that Annie is, would point that out to me!

As I biked by Captain Kirk, I couldn't help but also film Sasquatch's "I Love You So Much" mural too.

Check out the vid here