Guests are welcome to browse our selection of locally made soaps, chocolates, coffees and tea. Guest amenities also include coffee presses, growlers and glassware for craft brewed treats!

Would anyone care for a breakfast on the go? - we offer oatmeal-to-go cups from the Oregon Oats Company.

Our guests who crave a little outdoor adventure are welcome to saddle up on one of our bicycles or take our crabbing gear to the pier!

  • Our chocolate, caramel and sea salt delights are made by The Makery Fine Chocolates - North Bend, Oregon
  • Our handmade soaps are made by master soap maker, Mary Jean Anderson - Canyonville, Oregon
  • Our coffees are roasted and packaged locally by the artisans of Bridgeview Coffee Roasters - North Bend, Oregon
  • Our organic oatmeal is Oregon made by the Oregon Oats Company - Roseburg, Oregon
  • Our growlers and craft beer and ciders of choice come from 7 Devils Brewing - Coos Bay, Oregon and Arch Rock Brewing - Gold Beach, Oregon
  • Our bicycles are serviced by Moe's Bike Shop - North Bend, Oregon

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